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Students at NESA learn with active learning. Our lessons develop critical thinking skills amongst students as they learn their concepts through Hands On learning. Nesa tracks their progress through challenging worksheets and they graduate to the next level once they master science concepts.

It is very important to have progressive learning in order to retain concepts till high school. Students tend to forget concepts as they advance through their grades. At NESA, we offer a spiral learning method where students revisit the concept that they had learned at previous level and build up on that concept. This method has shown effective learning amongst students. When they take challenging classes at high school, their foundation is already in place and they do not have to go through unnecessary stress to learn the basics.

Our Teachers, Instructors & Counesllors

Meet some of the members of our committed team
Sheetal NESA STEM Camps

Dr. Sheetal Karnik

Founder,Program Director and AP BIOLOGY Instructor

Dr. Karnik has a Ph.D in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Arizona State University, a Masters in Biochemistry and has been a Post Doctoral Research fellow at Veterans Affairs Research facility. She is an accomplished scientist with multiple publications in international science journals, and has been invited to present research at various international conferences. In addition, she has a Bachelors in Education degree and has taught sciences to undergraduate, high school, as well as middle school students.
Dr. Karnik has been teaching Biology for the past 20 years and has mentored Ph.D, undergraduate and high school students for research. Her unique teaching style lays down a strong foundation and has awarded her students with excellent grades and accolades. Her students have scored 5/5 on AP exams and 33% of her class have scored 800/800 on SAT Bio exams. Her passion for teaching and mentoring students have shown amazing results where the students not only start loving the subject but aspire to make a career in medicine or in equivalent fields.
She also practices patent law and works with innovators on patenting cutting edge technology and research. Besides teaching and research, she enjoys dancing, and loves to cook heart healthy meals.

Nikarika Karnik

Niharika Karnik


Niharika Karnik (Niha) has been instrumental in founding New Edge Science Academy along with her mother Dr. Karnik. She is pursuing her Bachelors in Chemical Engg. at Case Western Reserve University. As a high school student, she saw the challenges that students in high school face first hand. ‘It is very common to see high school students being scared to take advance science classes and many times drop the class after a couple months.

Being trained by her mother in Science from an early age, she quickly realized the importance of having a strong foundation in Science from elementary years. She has worked on various roles in NESA including helping with curriculum, marketing as well as tutoring students in Physics and Math.
In her free time she loves to go hiking, play basket ball and loves singing.

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Mr. Rajat Arora


Rajat Arora is an engineering student of Barrett Honors college at Arizona State University.

He is a Grand Challenge Scholar at ASU, an rigorous Engineering Program. He graduated from Hamilton High School with high honors, competed in the National We the People competition in Washington D.C, and took high level courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus.

He loves working with students from kindergarten to high school, and has been the lead counselor of three camps with NESA. In his free time he loves traveling, running long distance including a half marathon, and most importantly, loves dogs.


Ms. Delna Menon


Delna Menon is a high school science teacher and has taught high school and middle school in several schools including BASIS.

She is an Environmental Engineer by training and has worked on projects related to toxicology in the Great Lakes and mercury emissions from thermal power plants. An engineer by profession, her passion is in teaching sciences and encouraging students to excel in STEM.

She has also taught laboratory courses at the undergraduate level during her Masters program. Delna holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from University of Calicut, India, and a Masters degree from Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY.

Her hobbies include acrylic and oil painting, and experimenting with new cuisines in her kitchen.

Your Little Ones Are Our Biggest Fans

Don’t take our word for it, listen to some of our students
  • faculty_gen
    Student -AP Biology, Hamilton High School
    "NESA is probably the one thing that saved my AP Bio grade. Without this class, I don't think I could have made it so far into such a hard subject. Ever since I have been coming to NESA, my grades have gone up by an average of 11% and my quiz grades even more! I love coming to this class and look forward to scoring well on my AP test".
  • faculty_gen
    4th Grade Student Knox Gifted Academy
    "I have loved everything you have taught me from Scientific Methods, Atoms, Biomes, to Force and Motion. I loved your class... I didn't even know what Biology, Chemistry, and Physics meant until you taught me"