Programs Offered At NESA Summer 2018 - Online Live Classes (Virtual Classroom)

Listed Here On This Page Is The Syllabus And Other Details

Middle School

Our years of experience has shown that students who get a head start during middle school years, have less stress in high school. Most of the fundamental topics in Honors and AP Science subjects are already covered with emphasis on a strong foundation!

In high school, the highest stress in academics is when students are learning science courses. This is because most of the high school and AP (college level) exams are designed from the standpoint of concept application. Students do not have an experience on concept application in core sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and this is not taught in their middle school and elementary years. Emphasis in elementary school is primarily on Earth Sciences. Our students who have been prepped in middle school have shown outstanding results in high school since they already had a head start and could focus on extra curricular activities as well as volunteering for different causes that were important. Some of our students could take as much as 10 AP courses in high school, be on sports team, preside on community volunteering organizations and score a near perfect score on SAT/ACT! These students have been recipients of academic scholarships and have been able to get into their dream universities for undergraduate education. Summer is a great time to give them a BOOST!

We have proven track record of our students having scored a total of 800/800 in Math and 790/800 in reading/writing part of SAT exams.


New For 2018

Before the course begins,  I will be giving a, free of cost, assessment test to prospective students. These tests will help both me and parents to asses kid’s academic starting point with regards to National standards. I will be using this as the starting point for my online course.

Here are some additional details regarding the online program that we are offering to middle schoolers this summer.


Program For Math

Prepping for high school from SAT/ACT perspective: This four week crash course will prep them with some of the foundation essential for scoring well on high school SAT/ACT exam.

Students work on concepts from any one of the following based on their Math level.

Levels of Math offered:  Pre-Alg, Alg 1, Alg 2, Geometry, Precalculus.

Students will be given a test to ascertain their level of understanding in the concept. Their current Math level can guide us.


Program For Science

This 4 week program is designed for students who like academic challenges. We will be preparing students for challenges encountered in high school honors level classes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Focus of this course is on critical thinking ability and application of concepts.

This will be four weeks of Crash Course Science where we will go over a few concepts that are the foundation for Honors curriculum and AP curriculum when they go to high school.

To ascertain what level your student is in Science, we have a test and based on their test score, we can place them in appropriate groups.

Fill out the form below to send you the FREE assessment test


Program For English

The focus of this program is for preparing students for English from SAT/ACT perspective. As you know, vocabulary doesn’t get built in a day. We have seen a lot of high school students struggle with vocabulary as well as writing when they are in high school. It is very difficult for them to overcome the hurdle in a matter of few months before the exam. We have seen benefits of starting early with vocabulary building and essay comprehension from middle school level. This four week program will focus on language skills foundation for SAT.

We have proven track record of our students having scored a total of 800/800 in Math and 790/800 in reading/writing part of SAT exams. They could do so without any stress because they started early.


High School - Are You AP Ready?

Summer is the best time for our high school students to get ready for the academic challenge coming up for their AP courses. What better way to give them a head start for the important foundation for their challenging AP classes.

We offer a two week AP foundation Crash Course for students in the following subjects:

  1. AP Biology: Two weeks: Foundation for Cellular biology, Cell transport and Molecular Biology
  2. AP Chemistry: Two Weeks: Foundation for Stoichiometry, Balancing Chemical Equations and Limiting Reagents.
  3. Honors Pre Calculus: Three weeks: Relations and Functions, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential Functions



Nesa’s science program is best program my kids have attended. Not only teachers work on getting the foundation right with core concepts, kids also get to do hands on experiments to get those concepts ingrained in their brains. And cherry on the top is presentation skills they acquire while putting on periodic demonstrations for parents. My kids love science thanks to NESA!

Vandana (Parent)

Our NESA STEM teacher was amazing. She always made me laugh with her humor. Doing this science class was a lot of fun and I made so many friends at the class. The environment at NESA is always very heart warming and friendly. NESA helps me with new science concepts every class and prepares me for high school. All in all NESA is an amazing program in so many different ways!

Aahana  7th grade

CUSD is an excellent A+ school district and the curriculum taught in the Elementary schools though superior I felt is lacking in giving the students (My two children) a solid Science background. To fill this gap for my seventh-grade twins, I found New Edge Science Academy in Chandler - NESA. NESA has provided the much needed STEM program for my children.

A successful STEM strategy requires greater connectivity between K-12 and post-secondary programs and better support for effective student transition upon high school graduation. STEM education is active and focuses on a student-centered learning environment where the students are engaged in collaborative and hand-on activities which leads to questioning and problem-solving. NESA founder and teacher Ms. Sheetal Karnik provides that guidance to my children while they are going through the problem-solving process in her class. The science class at the Academy is following a Science Curriculum which the children will study in High School but it has been broken down to start at the very basics. This gives the students an introduction to the concepts that they will learn in Middle and High School.

Ms. Karnik has an excellent command over all the Science subjects and has brought in a very capable and Mathematics teacher to enhance her program. Her ability at teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics, and being able to address the need of each student makes her an excellent teacher. She has a wonderful rapport with the children in the class and has the ability to connect with all her students. Ms. Karnik is extremely organized and reliable and takes great initiative to make the class interesting for the students. She accomplishes this with her positive and friendly attitude.

My 13 year old twins love their Wednesday evening Science class and their Saturday morning Science project class.

I wish New Edge Science Academy and Ms.Karnik the very best!

Minu (Parent)


Dr. Karnik is a dedicated, innovative, accomplished professional and an expert in her field.

Dr. Rassiwala (Parent)



NESA is an amazing class that helps me understand scientific concepts in depth, be it Physics, Chemistry or biology. We do a lot of hands on learning with labs even dissections ! Learning with our NESA teacher is a blast, she has a true passion for science and it shows in her teaching. Attending the science class in NESA has greatly helped me in school and I highly recommend NESA to all students"

Risha 8th grade

High school

Dr. Karnik is a very good teacher . She communicates well with her students and is always trying to assist us with the topic at hand. This class not only gives me an early sense of high school classes but also lays the foundation for subjects that are vital to my later years of  education.

Samar 7th grade

I really like our NESA STEM program. They are excellent teachers. I specially liked the Cell Model that we prepared. I learned many things from the vivid and detailed experiments. I came to understand so many topics that were also covered in school. Teachers at NESA teach the concept well and no matter how many times you ask a question they always answer them till you understand. My science grades are really good at school. I would strongly recommend NESA to all students.

Siddarth, 5th grade