Summer - 2017

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Where: Makutu's Island, Chandler AZ.
When: June 5th - June 30th 2017


Each of our week is designed on a theme and all the experiments are designed around this theme. Our goal is to bring science concepts to life in a fun way! It’s Summer break after all!

Our weekly camp schedule:

  • Monday: Biology
  • Tuesday: Chemistry
  • Wednesday: Engineering
  • Thursday: Speech/Debate
  • Friday: Presentations

Students are divided into groups based on their age and each group gets age appropriate challenges. We offer options of half day or full day camps. Our camps get filled up pretty fast and last year we had to wait list students. We encourage you to register at your earliest to secure your spot.

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Under The Sea STEM :

Week of June 5-9

Put your swimsuits on because we are going to dive into the STEM seas. As you explore the depths of the ocean, you discover planktons, and even see them up close (even the unicellular planktons). But, sometimes you need to take a breath (we are mammals after all), and go to the surface of the water. When going to the surface, you may find a boat, and you could understand how and why the boats sink or float. You can even sneak onto the docks and help the engineers built and test their next boat. Suddenly, a huge wave hits you, and many fish die. You grab your pH paper in your kit and find the water to be to acidic. As you travel through the ocean to find out more, you find out more about salinity and acidity. As you keep swimming, you start going downwards, and find many rocks. You collect them and study them. You have found sedimentary rocks, and igneous rocks. You also gain an in-depth knowledge of these rocks. As you keep swimming, you learn that the being under the sea, is the place to be.

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Under the Sea-Summer Camp

Science of Wizards/Witches : SOLD OUT

Week of June 12-16

Let the sorting beaker sort our scientists into 4 schools of STEM and each school gets to compete every day to earn house points. During this week, the students can study the magic of STEM. They will learn about the molecular biology that the muggles have discovered. They will learn the new way of creating potions (formerly known as chemical reactions). Instead of using a cauldron, they will be using beakers, graduated cylinders, and conical flask. Sometimes the world can be tough, and by the flick of a wand, a wizard or witch can do a very complicated thing very quickly. But, scientists don’t have wands. Instead, they have simple machines to help them get things done easily. You design machines and also present your inventions. The wizarding world may seem good, but the scientist world of Magic is way better!

STEM SUMMER Camp Chandler AZ 2017


Week of June 19-23

‘Solar system, earthquakes, Volcanoes, natural disasters, Mechanical engineering, Biomes’: In a world named STARCITY, you can discover all types of things about the Earth. Many years ago there were more than our 21st century living organisms. There were many animals who went extinct. But, in STARCITY, you get to rediscover those animals through fossils. At STARCITY, you won’t find natural disasters, but you will learn all about them. STARCITY is also a place full of solutions, and you can build a structure strong enough to withhold these natural disasters. Oh but wait: STARCITY is even beyond the Earthhere you get to discover Galaxies, and space too! You get to work on a Space Mission and then learn ways of reporting your findings through our Speech and Debate training.

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STARCITY and Galaxies-SUMMER Camp

Medieval Times:

Week of June 26-30

Calling all princesses, princes, knights, peasants, kings, and queens! Come hop into our time machine and go to the medieval times. The medieval times isn’t just war and fighting. You don’t wait for knights in shining armor to save you, instead you build the shining armor and find solutions to solve medieval time problems. During these times, medicine was different than what it is today. Learn about natural remedies that doctors used for cures, chemistry of these pharmaceutical compounds and make your own. You can visit the doctors too (not for a checkup, but help them with cures for diagnosis)! If doctors are too boring, you can always help the medieval engineers, and you could build your own medieval city. But, the entire medieval journey isn’t just about the actual expedition, it is also about telling people about your journey. Luckily, in the medieval times, you can learn about presentation so that when you come back to the 21st century, you can present your findings about the medieval times.

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