Summer - 2018

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Middle School

Our years of experience has shown that students who get a head start during middle school years, have less stress in high school. Most of the fundamental topics in Honors and AP Science subjects are already covered with emphasis on a strong foundation!

In high school, the highest stress in academics is when students are learning science courses. This is because most of the high school and AP (college level) exams are designed from the standpoint of concept application. Students do not have an experience on concept application in core sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and this is not taught in their middle school and elementary years.

The emphasis in elementary school is primarily on Earth Sciences. Our students who have been prepped in middle school have shown outstanding results in high school since they already had a head start and could focus on extra curricular activities as well as volunteering for different causes that were important. Some of our students could take as much as 10 AP courses in high school, be on sports team, preside on community volunteering organizations and score a near perfect score on SAT/ACT!

These students have been recipients of academic scholarships and have been able to get into their dream universities for undergraduate education. Summer is a great time to give them a BOOST!

Under the Sea-Summer Camp


This 4 week program is designed for students who like academic challenges. Students will be coached on the fundamental topics in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Focus of this course is on critical thinking ability and application of concepts. Students get a flavor of the important concepts application and examination as is experienced in high school through the AP and Honors programs.



  1. Pre test to determine qualification for program A or B
  2. Program A: Focus is on fundamentals in advanced topics of science. Build a concrete foundation along with application of concepts.
  3. Program B: This is for students who already are knowledgeable on the basic concepts in the topics. This programs takes you to increased complexity in the topics along with critical thinking and concept application.


  1. Cell Structure and Function: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, Animal and Plant Cells
  2. Chromosomes and DNA
  3. Cell transport and Function


  1. Atoms, Molecules, Compounds- analysing the difference between each with emphasis on structure.
  2. Model of an atom, detailed structure with emphasis on valence electrons.
  3. Periodic table- an introduction, arrangement of elements and trends in periodic table.


  1. Conceptual Models in Physics, Mathematical formulas, analysis and conceptual reasoning exercises, relationships and graphs.
  2. Laws of Motion: application of concepts and problem solving.
  3. Scalar/Vector quantities, Units of Measurement, applications in problem solving.

PSAT/SAT Ready Summer Course

Summer is the time when students tend to forget most of the Math concepts they have learnt during the school year because of a break in continuity. Summer is the time for them not only to revisit the concepts but also to start shaping these concepts for PSAT/SAT exams. Our curriculum strengthens the foundation and brings these Math concepts to a different level. Students solve math problems from the concepts they have learnt in a different format similar to the ones tested on PSAT/SAT exams. Give them a head start this summer and strengthen those concepts with emphasis on fundamental understanding to apply Math concepts.

Qualification for Math Program:

Students who are currently enrolled in the Math level during the school year automatically qualify. Students are encouraged to take a pretest to determine if the Math level is appropriate. The focus of this course is to make sure the concepts in that area are buttoned up completely to be able to apply them during the PSAT/SAT exams. Method of teaching for these Math concepts will be from a standpoint of being able to apply the concepts in a minimal amount of time as expected on these competitive exams.


Following Level Classes will be conducted for Math:

  1. Pre Algebra
  2. Algebra 1
  3. Algebra 2
  4. Geometry
STARCITY and Galaxies-SUMMER Camp

ENGLISH: PSAT/SAT READY Summer Course (4 weeks)

Emphasis for English during the summer course will be on vocabulary words that are important foundation for the Reading/Writing Section.

Students will be coached on the important elements of persuasive writing, reasoning to develop ideas, and connect claim and evidences in writing.


AP READY Classes: If your student is planning to take AP class this upcoming year and is already a high school student then you qualify for these summer crash course that advances them on certain fundamental concepts and concept application. This course is designed to brush up on their concept and advance from an AP stand point.

  1. Biology: Two weeks
  2. Chemistry: Two weeks
  3. PreCalculus: Three weeks: This program will extend topics introduced in Algebra II and students will learn to manipulate and apply more advanced functions and algorithms. Our course provides a sound foundation for students planning to take Calculus.  

Topics covered will be Relations and Functions, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential Functions.