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Our SAT / PSAT Math prep program is built on four pillars

  1. Foundation
  2. Practice
  3. Feedback
  4. Problem solving strategies

We focus on all the core concepts that are tested in SAT. With a solid foundation of the subjects, the students are equipped with knowledge of how to approach different types of problems in the SAT/PSAT test. We go over the concepts and solve example problems based on those concepts in the class.

We have the students solve practice problems in the class, as well as provide online worksheets that the students are asked to solve outside the class. All of these help reinforce the learnt concepts and recognize areas that need additional focus.

Our courses are highly interactive and based on the need, we go deeper into areas that need additional focus. Also, the online worksheets give us the necessary feedback on where the students may be struggling, so we can work on the struggling areas in the next session.

Throughout the course, useful tips and strategies on approaching different types of problems, translating word problems into mathematical expressions are shared that help students minimize the time they need to solve the problems.
Depending upon the length of the course, once all of the foundational topics are covered, we will have the students go over a practice test either in the class or at home

Apart from the course, for standardized tests, practice taking actual exams is necessary for success. So we strongly encourage the students to take as many timed tests as possible, to get used to actual exam under time limit and let us know where additional help can be provided.