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Counseling Team

Dr. Karnik

Dr. Sheetal Karnik

Co-Founder, Head-Coach

Dr. Sheetal Karnik is a scientist by profession and an educator. She has a PhD in Biotechnology and a post doctorate in Medical research. She has published many peer reviewed scientific articles and has been invited to International conferences to present her talk. She has also done patent law and works at Venjuris Law Firm in Phoenix wherein she works with companies and inventors on patenting cutting edge research. She is a big proponent of education and has a degree in education as well and has been teaching students for the past 25 yrs. 


She has founded New Edge Science Academy wherein they work with high school students on the entire road map to college. They guide students on course selection during the four years of high school for streamlining their efforts to reach their goals, they also offer coaching in AP, Honors and SAT Prep. Dr. Karnik has helped more than 800 students in achieving their academic goals through effective coaching and time management. NESA has seen incredible results for their students where many have been admitted to Ivy League and other coveted universities with full ride academic scholarships.  


She is an author of ‘The Growth Hacking Book 2’ which is the best selling book on Amazon and has received ‘Golden Book of World Records’ award for a world records title.


Dr. Karnik has been recognized as ‘Women of Chandler-2021’ for being one of the most influential persons making a significant contribution to the community. 

You can learn about NESA and the journey here.


She believes in working SMART and never shy away from taking help. 


“Take risks in your life, if you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide”- Swami Vivekananda.



Coach - Engineering Fields

Michael is an engineer and startup founder with 6 years of experience leading technical teams and early-stage companies. He is currently in a PhD program in EECS at Columbia University, and holds an MS from both the University of Michigan in EECS and UC Berkeley in MechE. He's co-founded two startups, has had one exit, and most recently worked at Amazon as a sr. technical product manager. He is also an inventor who owns a patent on his invention.


Michael has taught courses as a graduate instructor at UC Berkeley, and tutored many students through courses and graduate applications. 

Michael has tutored students through undergrad and grad school admissions, STEM course tutoring and essay coaching who got into all schools they applied to.


He has tutored students in the past through their college admissions, for example, UMich and Ohio state, OSU, UMich and UCSC

Dr. Babcock

Dr. Trevor Babcock

Head Coach - Essay Writing

Dr. Trevor Babcock is an English professor with 15 years of experience teaching in higher education at institutions across the country from the University of Texas system to the City University of New York. He holds a PhD in English from Indiana University and an MA from New York University. Dr. Babcock also has a background in the sciences, having studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati which led to a year of experience in the labs of LyondellBasell and Procter & Gamble.


Dr. Babcock has taught many college-level courses in English literature but has focused mainly on writing in academic, creative, and business contexts. Many of his students have gone on to graduate school in education, literature, and law.



Coach - Pre-Med and Integrated Medical Programs

Vaishnavi is currently enrolled in an 8-year combined medical program at Washington and Jefferson College in partnership with the Lewis Katz School of Medicine - Temple University, pursuing a BA/MD degree. Her interests lie in clinical research, volunteering, and mentoring aspiring BS/MD students. Outside of her academic pursuits, she enjoys singing and delving into biographies. She is dedicated to supporting individuals throughout their medical journey and assisting them in achieving their goals.

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