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My son was placed first on Cellular Biology category at AZSEF and also got selected for ISEF. We are thrilled and again I truly believe it's because of the foundation that you have built for him and also the scientific methods/analysis he is getting from NESA

Renu (Parent of Hamilton High School Student)

The program was amazing and I learned a lot, for example nucleolus and what happens there. The days were so much fun and I learned how to improve my work at AZSEF. I learned how to collect data and average it. One of my favorite experiment was learning about cell and the fun mini cell projects. I enjoyed this science class and I sure did improve a lot and learned a lot too. This definitely helped me. The teacher is super kind and all the classmates are awesome. It was amazing! NESA ROCKS!


Our NESA STEM teacher was amazing. She always made me laugh with her humor. Doing this science class was a lot of fun and I made so many friends at the class. The environment at NESA is always very heart warming and friendly. NESA helps me with new science concepts every class and prepares me for high school. All in all NESA is an amazing program in so many different ways!



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