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SAT / ACT / PSAT Prep Classes

Achieving high scores on these exams is a significant factor in gaining admission to their dream colleges and academic scholarships. Given that these tests are time-dependent, it is vital for students to think critically throughout each minute of the exam and carefully evaluate the complex questions presented in the test.


At our SAT Course, we focus on helping high school students excel in both Math and English. We emphasize concept application, tips and strategies and provide ample practice problems to enhance their speed and efficiency during SAT preparation. By working with us, students gain the confidence and skills needed to tackle the SAT with ease and improve their chances of getting into their desired colleges.

What Our Students Say

Neil, 11 th Grade

Studying with New Edge Science Academy was an absolute game-changer for me. Thanks to their strategic approach to SAT preparation, I was able to achieve a score of 1580! They helped me to get in-depth subject knowledge and also taught me test-taking strategies that made all the difference for the SAT exam. The practice materials and worksheets provided were very useful to prepare me for the actual test. I took the test with a lot of confidence and got a perfect 800 on my Math and 780 on English during my first attempt!
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