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Programs for Schools

In-School Field Trips: Elementary and Middle School

Our Field trip programs involve ‘Hands on Learning’ where challenging activities are integrated with the Next Gen. Science Standards, English standards and Math standards for each grade level. Field trips not only alleviate pressure off the teachers since we involve active learning of the curriculum but also reinforces/evaluates concept learning through our worksheets included in the field trips.

Our Field Trips for each level are designed with activities involving engineering projects, robotics, experimental settings and project completions. 

Next Gen Science Standards Training for Teachers: Elementary and Middle School

We help our teachers with the appropriate lesson plans and tools required to teach science curriculum involving active participation of students. We also provide evaluation worksheets to enable complete understanding of the topics by the students.

PSAT/ SAT Prep: Middle school and High School:

Our PSAT/SAT prep is designed by high school teachers with about 20 years of experience teaching Ap courses. 

Our course enables students to find out what kind of questions to expect on the SAT exams and how to answer them in a given period of time. 

Subject SAT/AP Prep: High School:

Subject SATs like SAT exams are time sensitive and students have to solve each question in a minute. Students are coached for subject SAT tests and we work on revisions and solving more than 800 to 1,000 sample questions. Our students get trained to solve complex questions under a minute and helps them immensely in finishing their exams in record time.

Our results speak for themselves where a record number of students have scored 800/800 on subject SATs and all students  have typically scored at least 720/800. For reference, typically top ranking schools look for a score of 700 and up on subject SATs to consider for scholarships and awards.

Honors Ready Prep: Middle School:

Our years of experience has shown that students who get a head start during middle school years, have less stress when high school starts.

These students have shown outstanding results in high school since they already had a solid foundation, had most topics covered and could focus on extra curricular activities as well as volunteering for different causes that were important.

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