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High School Programs

High school can be the most stressful time for students in their entire student career. There is anxiety related to scoring good grades on every quiz and test they take since it affects their GPA. Plus they are pressured to take higher level classes to gain visibility for high ranking universities and end up taking about 10-16 AP classes. In addition, they are playing competitive sports, participating in an activity such as speech and debate , Model UN, science fairs, band and orchestra to name a few. As if this wasn’t enough, many programs require them to volunteer at various organizations. Statistics has shown that many high school students end up with anxiety issues, depression, and lack of sleep in order to keep up with their busy schedules. 

We at New Edge Science Academy work with our high school  students to alleviate that pressure. Our classes are usually once a week or twice a week and we coach them in the important areas of their courses that are tested on AP exams and SAT exams. We train them on effective time management and test taking strategies. Our classes enable them to finish their homework in a significant   

SAT / PSAT prep:

Standardized tests such as the SAT/ACT can cause anxiety among High School students. Scores on these exams are a big part of the criteria to get entry into colleges of their dreams. Since this exam is a time dependent exam, it is crucial for them to be actively thinking during each minute of the exam and selecting the answer after careful evaluation of the complicated questions posed in the exam paper. 

Our SAT Course work with high school students on Math and English for concept application as well as practice problems to work on speed for SAT prep. 

AP Prep/Hons. Prep:

NESA preps students to ace their AP exams. All subjects are taught in detail along with emphasis on the test taking strategies by experts in  the field. Our tried and tested method of teaching has enabled almost all our students to get a 4 or 5 on their AP exams. 

AP offerings:

AP Chemistry

AP Biology

AP Physics

AP Calculus

Algebra1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Honors Pre Calculus.

Honors classes and On-level Classes for Science and Math are also available where students will be taught in a small group setting or a one on one class.

Subject SAT coaching:

Subject SATs like SAT exams are time sensitive and students have to solve each question in a minute. New Edge Science Academy students are coached for subject SAT tests and we work with students on solving more than 800 to 1,000 sample questions. Our students get trained to solve complex questions under a minute and helps them immensely in finishing their exams in record time.

Our results speak for themselves where a record number of students have scored 800/800 on subject SATs and all students  have typically scored at least 720/800. For reference, typically top ranking schools look for a score of 700 and up on subject SATs to consider for scholarships and awards.

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