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Welcome to New Edge Science Academy

If you want to excel in any sport you get a coach who can maximize your potential and guide your path. You would do the same if you want to excel in any art. Find the best coach to help master the skills. Well, when it comes to academics, you leave it up to NESA coaches to guide you to excel! 

We are more than just your tutoring institute, our expert coaches work with your students using our experienced teaching methods and give you pointers , tips and tricks to maximize your scores on exams.

Programs for School Year 2020-21

AP and Honors Programs For High school students:
New Edge Science Academy has been coaching students for the past five years and we have been able to bring up their scores by 20-30%. This year 91% of the students coached by NESA have been able to secure a 5 or 4 on their AP exams. We work with students on instruction of the concepts as well as worksheets to apply the concepts learnt.
These classes are conducted to offer coaching for students taking AP and Honors classes (on-line model).  Our live online tutors work with students on understanding the concepts as well as preparing them for quizzes and tests. Our intention is to bring the stress levels down and build confidence for our students taking the challenging classes.
Spanish Beginner and Intermediate:
These classes are taught by our instructors who are also native Spanish speakers and they will be working with students on various aspects of the language such as conversational skills, basic grammar, pronunciations and cultural information.