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Fall 2022 Programs - Starting August 13th

AP  Prep Classes

AP Chemistry            AP Biology            AP Physics       AP Calculus AB       AP Spanish


Honors  Prep Classes

Honors Chemistry            Honors Biology


SAT  Prep Classes

SAT Math            SAT English

Basis 7th and 8th Grade Science and Math Classes

Chemistry Class


Who We Are

Welcome to New Edge Science Academy – NESA. Making concepts simpler to understand and relatable is what we at NESA specialize in. Our LIVE ONLINE sessions make it easy for you by eliminating the commute time, yet get a full interactive classroom experience.
Our ‘Honors Ready’ programs are designed to build strong foundation for middle school students which get them ready for the rigor of high school.
Our High School programs combine concept learning and test taking strategies and are  are structured such that our students get most of their work done during our sessions and minimize the need for self study and yet score high on their tests.

New Edge Science Academy Programs

Programs for Students

High School Tutoring for Honors and AP
PSAT / SAT Prep classes
AP Exam Prep classes
Middle School Tutoring

Science Class

Programs for Schools

After School Programs
STEM based Field Trips
SAT / PSAT Prep Classes
Tutoring Services

Nursery School