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Programs for Middle School Students

Our years of experience has shown that students who get a head start during middle school years, have less stress when high school starts.

These students have shown outstanding results in high school since they already had a solid foundation, had most topics covered and could focus on extra curricular activities as well as volunteering for different causes that were important. Some of our students could take as much as 15-17 AP courses in high school, be on sports team, preside on community volunteering organizations and score a near perfect score on SAT/ACT! These students have been recipients of academic scholarships and have been able to get into their dream universities for undergraduate education. Middle School is a great time to give them a BOOST and carve their path for high school!

  1. Honors Science: Our syllabus covers the important concepts that the students study on their Honors level classes  in high school. We not only work with the students on the important basics for the essential topics, but also get students trained on how to prepare  for high school exams.

  2. Math: We work with students on their on-level Math course that they are taking in school and help them with their homework, quiz and tests. Our focus is always on getting their Math concepts concretized.

  3. PSAT Prep: Our PSAT curriculum is designed by High school teachers with more than 20 years of experience. Based on their experience with high school students, they have identified the underlying foundation flaws which magnify in high school and interfere with the students scores on SAT/ACT exams. Our tried and tested curriculum as well as method of teaching helps our students achieve their maximum potential.

  4. Coding classes: Our coding classes break down the complex concepts for students and we generate interest in computer programming. We assess the experience level of your child and place them in the appropriate level class. Students learn by developing and programming their own games using the languages they learn: Scratch and Python.

Middle School Programs
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