Fun in Fundamentals

When science jumps off the page and gets hands on…it’s only then that the ideas come alive!

One of the biggest challenges the students of today face is finding the connection between education and its applications in the real world. Education should not only prepare students for exams, but also should give student’s life skills for future careers. Although the highest paying jobs are in STEM fields, students fear the complexity of science topics and shy away from it. At NESA, we nurture interest in science.

  • The program is designed by a scientist where the students are given a foundation in science and the concepts are made easy to understand.
  • Students are exposed to concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology early on providing a smooth transition for students when they enter high school
  • Concepts are combined with Hands on activities/experiments to make learning more fun and meaningful.
  • Students work on science projects and participate in various science competitions.
  • NESA has helped our high school students achieve a boost in their grades of about 20-40 %

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"NESA is probably the one thing that saved my AP Bio grade. Without this class, I don't think I could have made it so far into such a hard subject. Ever since I have been coming to NESA, my grades have gone up by an average of 11% and my quiz grades even more! I love coming to this class and look forward to scoring well on my AP test".

Anjalee Student -AP Biology Hamilton High School

"Our NESA teacher is a great teacher. She explains everything nicely and really gets the class to participate. We always have a blast in there. We get to do cool experiments and fun stuff like that. If you are thinking of going to her class, you should really do it because it is amazing."

Anmol Student- 7th Grade Bogle Jr. High